It’s from working, as a Freelance Tour Guide that Beyene Asseta, says he has found satisfaction in his activities. This enables him to make effective use of knowledge he has obtained from reading whatever he can get hold of, regarding Ethiopian history and culture. His attraction to this line of work was first kindled from having frequent contacts with tourists. That was when he was a boy in his home town of Gonda, which lays in the northern regions of Ethiopia.

Now he has clocked-up over seven years since taking-on this line of work and still says he has no regrets. “The good thing about my job is meeting new people, with whom I can converse on historic and cultural things of mutual interest. This provides the opportunity for us to share our cultures. I have learnt many things from tourists,who I have taken around, at different times and places in the country,” he told the ‘Daily News’, who was part of a group being taken on a tour, by him, last Thursday.


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