Ethiopia is extremely rich in natural and man-made tourist attractions. It has numerous obelisks, palaces, tombs, rock-hewn churches, stelaes, mosques, mountains, caves, volcanic lava areas, national parks and many other tangible and intangible heritages. Though the nation has huge tourism potential, it has not been utilizing it as compared with other countries. One undercurrent reason for the stagnation of tourism development in Ethiopia is lack of infrastructure, capital and promotion. But the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been working to take the tourism sector of the country to a higher level. There are initiations to register all heritages in UNESCO’s list to unveil them to the international community. Many tangible and intangible tourist sites have been inscribed in UNESCO’s wonder lists so far and this could be taken as a big step forward in promoting them. However, there remains a lot to be done in further development of the sector.   Read more at the following link: