This national park is in the north of the county, about 400km from Addis Abeba. It occupies about 180 km2 in the afro-alpine zone. The Semien is one of the most significant mountain ranges in Africa, formed by a series of high plains separated by fluvial valleys and its highest peaks exceed 4,000m (Ras Dashen: 4,620m).  It has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site for its wealth of animal species.

Breathtaking landscapes, valleys plunging from impressive heights, the famous petrified lava peaks make these mountains a unique destination, ideal for trekking excursions of two to nine days. Along the path you might run across one of the many colonies of gelada baboons, or a solitary ibex, or families of Ethiopian wolves. One thing you can look forward to is the human factor of trekking: when walking you will constantly encounter shepherds, travelers and country folk who live in the mountain villages.  They are more than happy to stop for a chat.  The flora is afro-alpine or subafro-alpine (erica, hypericum, juniperus, podacarpus, afrovivella semiensis, lobelia rynchopetalum, rosa abyssinica).

Temperatures vary from -10° to 26° C all year round. The rainy season in June, July and August makes excursions impossible. The coldest winter months go from October to January. Altitudes start at 3,200m and reach their highest peak at 4,620m.

Trekking map


  • Dry season: January, February, March, May, October, November, December
  • Small rains: April, September
  • Heavy rains: June, July, August