Travel while respecting the environment, culture and the traditions of the communities we visit, helping to preserve all that makes your journey so special:  this is responsible tourism. Like anyone, travelers with a strong sense of social responsibility go on holiday intending to relax, have fun, and widen their experiential horizons but they do so while choosing simple approaches that can have a positive effect on the on the places they visit and as a consequence on the people who live there.

We collaborate with some associations to organize brief excursions (of a few days) to local rural communities who offer simple services in exchange for modest payment. During these excursions you can meet with people in their villages, converse with them while having a coffee together and visit the various projects that the associations and local communities have developed to solve environmental challenges and optimize the use of local resources. These initiatives are educational and create jobs for the local people who work in agriculture, beekeeping and honey production.

It is a unique and new way to experience your journey in Ethiopia; as an authentic occasion to meet people, discuss and compare, discover.