Ethiopia is a Christian country par excellence. To this day it is rife with ancient sacred sites that are well worth visiting whatever one’s religious beliefs are. Many sites are connected to Saint worship and deep veneration of the Virgin Mary. In the third Millenium these sites attract thousands of religious pilgrims, especially during devotional holidays. The wealth of testimony and symbols of history that predate religion itself weave together with the narration of kings-cum-saints and with the history of the first religious orders of African Christianity: all this makes Ethiopia an incomparable religious destination able to awe both the pious and the merely curious with architectural, historical and cultural beauty.

We receive ever-increasing requests from travelers to combine classic tourism with a stay in a mission to assist with projects, visit schools and clinics and enter into contact with the country’s poorest. During these visits, travelers work alongside the missionaries themselves, get a chance to help their less fortunate “neighbors” and reflect on the disparity between the North and South of the world.