First of all I should be very greatful and obliged to our “Almighty God” who blessed and given me an opportunity to work in (his) Holy land Ethiopia, honestly speaking this was my fifth year in this home country previously.

I was working for University of Gonder -Gonder, former capital of Ethiopia after the successful completion of my four years recently, I joined Mekelle University-Mekelle, Tigray State is located epicenter where abundance of Ethiopian Tourism resources are found … like; The “Historic Route” which includes, AXUM, where the history of Ethiopia as a nation may be said to have begun, the astonishing Rock Hewn Churches of LALIBELA (considered as the 8th wonder of the world). The AL NEJASHI Mosque; considered as the very first Islamic site in Africa), ADWA and some other battle fields which are extremely precious in Ethiopian history. Many Rock-Hewn, Churches dated from 4th to the 11th century are found in large numbers in Tigray, within 60-150 km from Mekelle. These are found in the clusters of Ger’alta, Tsaeda Emba, Atsbi Womberta, Tembien, Maichew and Axum. Close to Atsbi also Afar the lowest place in the planet, which has the Erte- Ale volcano, Dallol, salt lakes and the caravans.


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