Uniquely, Ethiopia has mix of natural, cultural, historical and archaeological attractions. Of late, a team of scientists has come up with new finding concerning the death of hominid, Lucy. Prof. Mulugeta Fesseha from the Addis Ababa University said the finding could cast additional beam of light on the nation to help it promote its various attractions. It has also paved the way for further archaeological discoveries in Ethiopia and beyond. He said the finding has cleared confusions including how and where this oldest Australopithecus met her death. Additionally, it probably shows as the species has spent time both on trees and ground, also helps to complete 40 per cent of the fossil’s history, according to Dr. Mulugeta. He added that the finding hinted the main cause of Lucy’s death.   Read more at the following link: http://allafrica.com/stories/201609140909.html