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Lake Tana Tours is proud to foster knowledge of Ethiopian art through our website. Of course our main goal is to promote tourism and the unbelievable beauty of the country, but Ethiopia is much more than this.

Ethiopia is full of young artistic talent.  Our newly inaugurated website will dedicate ample space to their works. We warmly encourage visitors to our site to keep an eye on these artists’ work, you might be surprised by the techniques they employ, by their wise use of color, by their extraordinary creativity.

When you visit Addis Ababa, at the beginning or end of your tour, we would be delighted to organize visits to artists’ studios where you can purchase their works, if you like. For us it’s a perfect way to promote Ethiopian art, the work of these young artists and for our clients it’s a chance to take home something more worth than the usual souvenir.

Here on our site, you can read up on the artists, their background, and works. Just click on each name.

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