Danakil Depression extends across the borders of three countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Gibuti.

Here nature’s strength and visible wonders still reign sovereign, a desert of sand and lava rock that in its depths still carries the scars of seismic activity from 30 million years ago, and there boiling magma feeds active volcanoes, geysers and the lava lake of the Erta Ale Volcano.

The land surface as it appears to today is formed by the seismic movement which is still active even today: the most recent was in 2011 in Eritrea. A trip through this inhospitable land, that seems to be part of another planet, promises travelers unique and extraordinary experiences. The breathtaking show of the lava sea can be observed from the mouth of the volcano, the myriad colored pools with their variegated tones of yellow, orange and red at Dallol, an effect of the combination of sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, the endless salt plain where men from Afar manipulate blocks and sheets fo salt and load them onto hundreds of dromedaries to transport the salt to market:  these are just a few of the things that make an adventure here unforgettable.

This trip requires a great deal of organization including several means of transportation, camping equipment, field kitchen and chef, company guide and local personnel to assist the participants throughout the difficult journey. Travelers must be adaptable to any situation and be physically fit.



The Dancalia has a particular seasonality; for climatic reasons the journey can be undertaken only by the beginning of October to early March.