Fossils Proving Nation As Land of Origins

Uniquely, Ethiopia has mix of natural, cultural, historical and archaeological attractions. Of late, a team of scientists has come up with new finding concerning the death of hominid, Lucy. Prof. Mulugeta Fesseha from the Addis Ababa University said the finding could cast additional beam of light on the nation to help it promote its [...]

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Sof Omar – Splendid Natural Treasure

Ethiopia is extremely rich in natural and man-made tourist attractions. It has numerous obelisks, palaces, tombs, rock-hewn churches, stelaes, mosques, mountains, caves, volcanic lava areas, national parks and many other tangible and intangible heritages. Though the nation has huge tourism potential, it has not been utilizing it as compared with other countries. One undercurrent [...]

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The Glorious Spectacle of Konso Heritages

Konso is one of the UNESCO-designated heritage sites for its outstanding landscape and terraced agriculture. It constitutes a spectacular portrait of age-old tradition, which has been there for four centuries. It demonstrates the engineering skill of the society and features the waga (wooden statutes) as a reminder of late family members. They help commemorate [...]

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‘Ger’alta’, Ethiopian Sacred Home

First of all I should be very greatful and obliged to our "Almighty God" who blessed and given me an opportunity to work in (his) Holy land Ethiopia, honestly speaking this was my fifth year in this home country previously. I was working for University of Gonder -Gonder, former capital of Ethiopia after the [...]

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New Species of Human Ancestor Found

More than 3 million years ago, when “Lucy” was roaming the savannah of present-day Ethiopia, she may have encountered other two-legged apes not unlike her own species, Australopithecus afarensis—yet still just a wee bit strange. Represented by jawbones from three individuals, a newly described species named Australopithecus deyrimeda adds to the scatter of evidence that not one, [...]

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BEFORE THEY – Tribes & Journeys

Travelling by jeep through OMO Valley, from the riverbanks, the highlands, down to the Kenyan border, we came across 5 different indigenous groups. But shooting in Ethiopia wasn’t easy. Tribes like the Banna, Karo and Mursi can be quite intimidating and their attitude towards foreigners isn’t necessarily the friendliest. We came to take pictures [...]

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