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L’Etiopia è un paese “in cammino” dove le strade sono sempre affollate di persone che si spostano a piedi, spesso con piccole greggi di capre o pecore, altre volte invece troviamo carretti trainati da muli o da cavalli carichi di varia mercanzia.Nella stessa capitale, Addis Abeba, incontriamo processioni di donne che trasportano pesanti fascine di rami [...]

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A ottobre 2016 è stata inaugurata una nuovissima linea ferroviaria a scartamento ordinario che collega Addis Abeba e Gibuti. Addis Ababa ► Diré Dawa ► Djibouti  Djibouti  ► Diré Dawa ► Addis AbabaKm Runs every 2nd day, on odd dates Runs every 2nd day, on even dates0 Addis Ababa Furi-Lebudepart08:00 Djibouti Negad stationdepart08:0098 Adamaarrive09:41 Ali Sabieharrive08:51depart09:46depart08:56446 Diré Dawaarrive15:35 Diré Dawaarrive12:50depart15:50depart13:05664 Ali Sabieharrive19:44 Adamaarrive18:54depart19:49depart18:59728 Djibouti Negad stationarrive20:40 Addis Ababa Furi-Lebuarrive20:40 [...]

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Replicating ancient architecture

Ethiopia’s wonderful architectural heritages, the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela has always impressed the world. The monolithic Churches were built centuries ago and they still catch the eyes and hearts of tourists from around the globe. It reflects the then civilization of the country. There are two views regarding the ancient civilization and respective architecture [...]

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Archeological site clues historical ties between pre-Axumit Kingdom, Israel

ADDIS ABABA— The archeological sites and heritages discovered by Aksum University and Californian University archaeologists in the ancient town of the Mai Adrasha have clues of historical ties between pre-Axumit Kingdom, Israel.  The ancient town of Mai Adrasha which had been buried for centuries under ground some 60 km west of the present Aksum Town [...]

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The Ethiopian Tribe Where A Lip Plate Makes You More Attractive

Lip plates are usually made of clay or wood and range between 4 and 25 centimeters. To be placed on the lip, two or four teeth are removed before the lower lip is cut to fit the lip plate. This lip plate process is usually done by their mother when they attain puberty. To stretch [...]

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Camelot of Africa, a Mother of Cities

Gondar is among world's top pilgrimage sites. Recently, it had successfully hosted the Seventh Ethiopian Cities Forum with the conveyance of more than 230 local cities and more than 15,000 participants from countrywide. Following this event, this writer enjoyed a chance to visit the hospitable land of Gondar. Imagining about the fascinating and breezy [...]

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Ethiopian Airlines to Start Flights to Chengdu

Ethiopia's state owned air carrier Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is to start flights to Chengdu, the capital of China's southwest Sichuan province, on May 22, adding its roster of destinations to the world's most populous nation to five. Chengdu is known to be a tourist hotspot in China with attractions including giant pandas and Sichuan's [...]

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Benchi Maji – South Tourist Magnet

A week earlier, south star Benchi Maji Zone was very busy in relation to the celebration of Culture and tourism week. The theme of the week is: "Our cultural co-existence for development and renaissance." The culture and tourism week which was marked last week was jointly organized by National Culture Center and Benchi Maji [...]

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Lalibela Churches Provide History …

It's from working, as a Freelance Tour Guide that Beyene Asseta, says he has found satisfaction in his activities. This enables him to make effective use of knowledge he has obtained from reading whatever he can get hold of, regarding Ethiopian history and culture. His attraction to this line of work was first kindled [...]

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Fossils Proving Nation As Land of Origins

Uniquely, Ethiopia has mix of natural, cultural, historical and archaeological attractions. Of late, a team of scientists has come up with new finding concerning the death of hominid, Lucy. Prof. Mulugeta Fesseha from the Addis Ababa University said the finding could cast additional beam of light on the nation to help it promote its [...]

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