A week earlier, south star Benchi Maji Zone was very busy in relation to the celebration of Culture and tourism week. The theme of the week is: “Our cultural co-existence for development and renaissance.” The culture and tourism week which was marked last week was jointly organized by National Culture Center and Benchi Maji Zone Administration.

In Benchi Maji Zone, six ethnic groups have been living together with love, respect and mutual understanding of one another. These ethnic groups include Bench, Dizi, Me’enit, Sheko, Surma and Zilmamo are their name. The amazing thing here is, they share the same culture. Even though they have identical culture among themselves, they have their own differences. For instance, all of them speak different languages. Maintaining their differences, they also prepare and eat identical type of meal. Mezan Aman is serving as a town of Benchi Maji Zone. Surprisingly, the town is a habit.


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